Enrollment Open for Fall 2020

Thank you so much for your patience as this announcement/enrollment form is later than normal! Times have made navigating what fall looks like pretty tricky on teachers, as we try and balance the concerns and wishes for all families involved. I’m hoping that the class format and schedule for this school year will strike that balance for those looking to enroll their students in my class this year.

All the details are spelled out in this year’s enrollment form, which you can read and download below!

As always, I’m looking forward to each and every student that God intersects with me in the upcoming year!

Week 6 Homework…

Alrighty friends! You had this whole past week to research aff and neg as well as work with your partner and decide which case you will be using (if you haven’t already). Now it is time to prep for next Wednesday’s class!

Observations: Continue to work with your debate partner and discuss whose case will be used for the rounds, etc. Compare evidence and figure out where research holes are. Divide the remaining research work and begin plugging in case/evidence problems.

Hand-in work: Email me your revised 1AC that you finished last week.  Label it AFF CASE 2ND DRAFT in the subject line.   Have this email be separate from the second part of the Hand-in work below. 
Write down 1) whose case will be used 2) what holes you found 3) who filled which holes and 4) what you expect out of a good debate partner and 5) how you will be a good debate partner.  Title this email CASE DECISION AND PARTNER INFO.

Also, please remember that you will be turning in your finalized 1AC (complete with intro, transitions, and conclusion) and negative briefs ONE WEEK after the practice tournament in class, so keep that in mind as you work with your partner and save the evidence you find!

10.09.19: Week 5 Homework

Hey friends!

Homework for this week is super simple:

  1. If you haven’t found a partner yet, this week is the time!  Figure out who your partner is.   I’m pretty sure all of you have one at this point… but just in case.
  2. Talk with your partner (phone, in person, google hangout, whatever…) and figure out which Aff case you want to go with, if you are still on the fence.  Figure out which one is stronger, easier to argue, and also can have the most evidence to support it.  You will be working together to find even more evidence, but you want to know that you can find it fairly easily.  So the more complicated/confusing the plan, the harder that will be.
  3. Continue to look up more evidence for the case you have decided on, but also Negative.  You will not be turning it in this week, but add it to the evidence you have saved and collected throughout the semester, as you will be turning in all of your evidence at the end of the semester.
  4. Reading: review chapters 7 & 8 that you read last week

This week coming up will be a little different for a couple of reasons…

First, it will be completely online. Some of you will be taking the PSAT, and so the class will be smaller. Club also doesn’t meet next week because of the PSAT, so we aren’t going to have the church expect us to arrive when it will really be, like, 3 of us. 🙂 So, make sure that you have access to our Facebook group. I will start teaching at 10am, just like normal. This time, I’ll be teaching directly to you online, and will be able to read the comments “live,” so if you have questions, I will be able to answer them in the moment. 🙂

Please let me know if you have any questions. “See” you on Wednesday ONLINE, same time!

10.2.19: Week 4 Homework

Congrats on getting that first rough draft of your 1AC done! I know it is overwhelming– the start of something always is– but if you guys keep at it, I know that those cases will finish flushing themselves out over the next couple of weeks!

(Those of you who are behind, due to missing class, starting late, etc., do your best to pick up the pace here. We don’t want to leave you 1AC-less!)


1) Watch this youtube clip on flowing: http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=endscreen&NR=1&v=Rf6HBKgkSAM.
2) Flow your aff case into the 1AC column, then flow your arguments against your aff case into the next column.

Hand-in work:
1) Turn in your flow sheet in class to me.
2) Revise your 1AC based upon the arguments you thought of against it.  Review the attached template of last week’s homework assignment and make sure those revised cases follow the structure. Also, include the “extras” this week, such as transitions and intros and conclusions. Don’t forget those AGDs! 😉

Email your revisions to me by class time with the subject line: 1AC, 2ND DRAFT.

Have a great week tweaking those cases! 

Reading homework: chapter 7 & 8

9.18.19: Homework

Okay guys, this is going to be a “fire hose” week.  We are going to be working on our cases.  Feel free to work on it in parts and email what you are working on to me if you have any questions or just want me to check on something. 

Here’s the specific homework breakdown:

Observations: Work on Aff case, combining your observations (the stocks) from last week into the Need-Plan-Adv case we learned this week. Don’t worry about writing the intro and conclusion this week.  We’ll do that next time.  I’m looking for Definitions, Harms, Plan, and Advantages. 

Hand-in work: Email a sample case to me that meets all the stock issues and follows the Need-Plan-Adv.  Entitle the email “ENERGY 1AC, ROUGH DRAFT.”  Print off a copy and BRING IT TO CLASS on Wednesday, October 3rd as well as email it to me.  Also, complete this Partner Survey before our next class. 

Here is a resource that you might find helpful when starting the writing process!

As a reminder, we WILL NOT HAVE CLASS next week and will meet again on Wednesday, October 3rd. Take that additional week to find evidence, create a good first draft of the 1AC, and perhaps think about who you would like to partner with. Hybrid students, let me know if you specifically need help figuring out partnerships, okay? 🙂

Have a wonderful couple of weeks! 🙂

Class schedule: Fall 2019

4 – class
11 – class
18 – class
25 – independent and/or partner work week (no class)

2 – class (optional Debate Assist with club)
9 – class
16 – class
23 – independent and/or partner work week (no class)
30 – class (optional Debate Assist with club)

6 – class
13 – class (DEBATE ROUNDS)

9.11.19: Week Two Homework

Hello friends!

Thanks so much for your great attention today as we finished up fallacies and talked about research, evidence, and started stocks (2 down, 2 to go!). Once we get into case writing, lightbulbs will start going off and things will start picking up! I can’t WAIT until we begin to really dive into our in-class discussions!

A word about homework: I don’t like busy work. Starting this week, your homework will begin to create something you will need for a debate itself– either evidence for your box, research for a round, something needed for a case. So, if you are having a hard time, let me know right away. I’d hate for you to opt out of doing something that won’t just hinder you for week, but will hinder progress throughout the course.Before jumping into homework, I want to include some links that I think will be helpful additions to things that we talked about today.



1) review the ethics sheet and evidence standards of the NCFCA found here:

2) Research the resolution as if you were Aff.  Find out what some of our policies are regarding our energy policy.  Strive to get a solid background!

Hand-in work:

1) turn in 3 properly formatted pieces of evidence about policies that need reforming & 2 pieces about why the Status Quo is working or beneficial as is. (Watch the “creating a card” video or consult your book for help, if needed!)

2) Choose one plan of reform that you have researched/read about while doing this assignment.  Write it down and tell me why you think is the best and tell me how it is Topical and Significant

3) Email me your Hand-in work and Label it WEEK 2: RESEARCH AND STOCKS.

Reading homework: chapters 5 & 6

9.4.19: Week One Homework

Hello friends!

It was so great meeting you all today! I think we are going to have a great time learning about debate together this semester! Next time, remind me to start off with a game, okay? Okay!

Now, on to the fun stuff… homework. Ha!

Just a little note about homework: any homework that is labeled Hand-In means that it should be emailed to me at communicatecharis[at]gmail[dot]com.  I will include a specific title to put in the subject line each time so that way I can lump all the emails easier for me to grade.  Note that to be “on time,” the email with your assignment in it/attached to it needs to be in my inbox by the time class starts the following Wednesday in order to not be counted late.

Alright, have a great week!  And feel free to email me and let me know any questions/concerns you might have!


Observations: Watch debate round on youtube

Intro to Debate Hand-in work: answer the following questions via email.  Title the Email: Week 1 HW, Sample Debate

  • what type of proposition are they arguing? fact, value, or policy?
  • which team had the better…
    • ethos?
    • pathos?
    • logos?
  • which team to you feel won the debate and why?

Watch Atticus Finch’s closing arguments and tell me how he used ALL THREE persuasive appeals, as defined by Aristotle. Email me your work and put ATTICUS FINCH EXTRA CREDIT as the subject.

Reading homework: chapter 3 & 4

Deadline extended! :D

Good morning, friends!

So apparently from some chatter I’m hearing, I’m not alone in the “how is summer almost over and fall is sneaking up on me” camp! 😀

For this reason, I’m extending the deadline to enroll in our policy debate course, starting in September!

Since I’m doing a later start date (normally class starts in August, but not this year), the new deadline is now August 16th.  That’s almost an extra month to get those debate ducks in a row.

So pass the word along!  And don’t forget about our new referral program!

Looking forward to seeing you and yours this fall!

Here’s the enrollment form, btw… 🙂


NEW: Referral & Loyalty Program!


Summer is underway… and that means that a lot of the homeschool community is looking ahead to fall!  (Always something, right? Ha!)

For those of you who are looking into taking my debate course as a stand alone class or as a way to join our AMAZING Upstate Area Debate Club, I’d like to introduce this summer’s new Referral and Loyalty Program!

What does it mean?

Well, if you have a student who is taking our Policy Debate class this fall and you refer other families that also decide to enroll for our 2019 class… you get a 10% discount per family!  So, your sister’s two daughters enroll with yours? 10% for the family!  Your neighbor’s son enrolls as well?  That’s an additional 10%!  Keep doing the family math, and this can add to a good chunk off of your family’s own tuition!

Also, families that have already had some kiddos in our debate courses?  I didn’t forget about you!  As a way of saying THANK YOU– for valuing communication, homeschooling, and our debate community– I want to offer YOU 10% off of your tuition for your up-and-coming communicators!

Please share the word with your family and friends!  Teaching our children to communicate well and to be able to “give an answer” to people who are curious about their hope and beliefs is so important!  It always has been– but I believe it is even more so now!

Have a wonderful summer, and I cannot wait to see the students that comprise our Fall 2019 class!