Final Project!

Hey guys!

CONGRATULATIONS!  You MADE it!  I know for some of you, you had serious questions about whether or not you’d be able to get on your feet and actually get through a round… but look at you!  You got through TWO!  That, in and of itself, is something to be proud of!

You aren’t over with the class quite yet, though!  On Wednesday, November 22nd, your final debate portfolio is due by midnight.  That is your last, comprehensive grade for the class.

Here’s what is required:

  1. Finalized, IMPROVED, 1AC.  Everyone should turn in the case they originally wrote and worked on.  For those of you whose cases were used and worked on for debate rounds as well, put “USED for DEBATE” at the top of the case.
  2. Your evidence.  It needs to be cards and evidence that you have personally collected throughout the semester.  I want to see at least 15 cards.  (15 cards = C.)  You can use evidence that you have previously submitted for homework assignments.  Make sure the evidence is clearly marked AFF and NEG where those pieces of evidence begin, especially if all of your evidence is in one document.  If you have AFF evidence in one document and NEG in the other, just make sure that the title of the documents tell me which type it is.
  3. Debate essay: For additional credit, write an (at least) one page essay telling me what you felt was the biggest lesson that learning debate taught you… including how you felt you grew as a student and as an individual.

Okay, I think that’s it!  I’ll be looking forward to receiving your portfolios!  Also, I will be scanning and sending the debate ballots out, so be looking for those in your inboxes. 🙂

Thanks for the great semester, and I look forward to seeing MANY of you in club come January! 🙂


Week 13 homework: 11.08.13

Hello hello!

This week’s homework is all about PREP!  Prepare for the rounds this coming week– you know what side you will be, so make sure you have filled in holes in your 1AC if you are aff… and if you are neg, make sure that you have evidence for each case.

Speaking of evidence, I just received this announcement from Ethos about the Sourcebook— a case and brief collection about this year’s resolution.  As you can see, they have dropped the price on the book, so if this is something that you’d want to download and use with your partner for the week ahead, that would be completely fine.  If you are planning on debating and going into club in the spring, this would be SUPER helpful for that as well. 🙂

Several of your parents have been asking about how to learn more about club and how to register for the December 2nd tournament.  Those questions can be answered extremely well by our club administrator for UADC.  Shoot her an email at to answer any/all club related questions.

Remember, next week is our last week and we want to WELCOME you to club with a little CTSIOAYSANWWYIC (“Congrats-the-semester-is-over-and-you-survived-and-now-we-want-you-in-club”) celebration! Please plan on staying after the debate round for a food fellowship and a meet-and-greet with our club members and experienced debate moms! 😀

Hey TPers,

Good job getting through these first rounds!  I know it was challenging, but honestly, nothing can better prepare you than experience! 🙂

Here’s your homework for this week:

  1. In general: Take the comments/things learned from class and go back and tweak your case and/or negative strategy.  Talk with your partner about how to improve, what to research next, etc.
  2. Hand-in work: Tell me 1) what you feel you and your partner did well during the round and 2) what area(s) you and your partner need to improve on before the next tournament
  3. Review this.
  4. Be preparing for the next rounds on November 15th.  Also, remember that our final project will be due on November 22nd.  We will talk more details this week coming up, but remember it has two key components: a revised, final version of your aff case AND all of the evidence you have collected throughout the semester.

Now, do me a favor, and go get a parent to read this part, okay? 🙂

This is a GREAT time to start planning on debate next semester!  I want to shed some light on something that I feel like parents need clarification on: you can participate in club WITHOUT competing.

Yes, you heard that right!

Debate club does kinda base its schedule on the tournaments as we help students prepare to go on them BUT that doesn’t mean that you have to go to all of them, or most of them, or even any of them.  They are awesome learning opportunities, but we understand that club is not the only thing on your student’s plate and as a parent, you juggle many schedules.

Please contact me of the club administrator if you have any questions about club!  It really is such an invaluable experience being in club, fine-tuning communication skills, and getting opportunities to debate in club with other teenagers.  We are told to “give an answer”… and I honestly feel that debate club fuses the philosophy and pragmatics of communication so very well!

Week 11 homework: October 25

Homework for this week is: connecting with your partner and PREPPING for our in-class tournament this Wednesday!  You won’t know if you are aff or neg until you come, so you need to be prepared for both!  Also, make sure that your parents know they need to be there for judging.   I will be emailing your parents very soon with more details, including a sheet with tips on how to judge debate.  Ask them to watch their inboxes, and if they don’t have something from me by Monday, please tell them to email me to make sure there wasn’t a communication glitch somewhere.

Okay, I think that’s it… happy prepping!

Week 10 homework: October 18

Hey friends!

Homework for this week is super simple:

  1. If you haven’t found a partner yet, this week is the time!  Figure out who your partner is. 🙂
  2. Talk with your partner (phone, in person, google hangout, whatever…) and figure out which Aff case you want to go with.  Figure out which one is stronger, easier to argue, and also can have the most evidence to support it.  You will be working together to find even more evidence, but you want to know that you can find it fairly easily.  So the more complicated/confusing the plan, the harder that will be.
  3. Continue to look up more evidence for the case you have decided on, but also Negative.  You will not be turning it in this week, but add it to the evidence you have saved and collected throughout the semester, as you will be turning in all of your evidence at the end of the semester.

This week coming up will be a little different!  We will be doing an in-class activity where you ALL will be getting up and speaking in what is called a Stop-Start-Switch round.  So, come prepared to speak and participate!  It’ll be fun! 😀

Week 9 homework: October 11

Good afternoon, guys!

Thanks so much for those of you who could stick around for DebateAssist yesterday!  I hope getting up in front of the class was helpful, especially as you learned to Summarize Them, Say Your Point, Support Your Point, Summarize Your Point, and Stock It. 🙂

Let’s move on to this week’s homework!

Observations: Listen this affirmative case and flow it. Give yourself 3 minutes “prep time” to organize a negative speech, evidence and reasoning included. Give your negative speech to yourself in the mirror. Time yourself. If it is under 5 minutes, do it again, adding more evidence and/or analogies, etc. until you are at least over 5 minutes. Once you have hit the 5 minute mark, give your speech to a parent and have them time you.

Hand-in work: Tell me how long your speech(es) was/were (I want a time for each try until you hit 5 minutes). Type out 1) the arguments you had against the case and 2) what you learned watching yourself give the speech. Email the times and arguments to me in an email. Put WEEK 9: HIGHER ED as the subject.

Reading homework: chapter 9

Extra credit opportunity: Watch this debate and flow the entire round.  Turn in the flow by next week.

A Helpful Resource: TP_Resolution_Overview

Week 8 homework & ANNOUNCEMENTS: October 4th

Hello debaters!

Here’s your homework for this week… also, you will notice some Debate CLUB announcements, for those of you joining up with our AWESOME debate club!  Friends, this is where debate really starts to click and where the social and fun part of debate merges with the academic effort… and where the collective work of the team reeeeaaaaally helps with evidence, argument formation, etc.!  It’s so, so helpful!

MAKE sure you pass along the club info to your parents.  In fact, take them by the hand and say, “Parental unit, I have something very important for you to see!”  And them bring them to this post.  Okay?  Okay!


Hand-in work: This week, I want you to continue researching for evidence.  I want you to turn in two pieces of evidence, supporting your case further that you would read in a 2AC to support/expand a point you have in your 1AC.  Then, I’d like you to find 2 pieces of evidence that you would use AGAINST (neg) the evidence you found for your aff.  Make sure that you tag, cite, and quote the evidence correctly.  Email me your new evidence with the subject line WEEK 8: HIGHER ED.

Reading homework: chapter 8

Extra Credit: For every extra piece of negative evidence you turn in this week, you will get 2 pts of extra credit.  These extra pieces can be negative towards ANY potential aff case for this resolution (tenure, Aff action, sports, FAFSA funding… anything).


Early bird information: NCFCA early bird ends October 15th.  Early bird affiliation is $100 per family. After the 15th the price goes to $125.  Early affiliation will allow Region 8 (our region) more slots at Nationals! Go to and click on how to get involved.   Any question email Karen Booty at  You can add a partner later, partners are not necessary to register. There are lots of resources available once you join.

Practice tournament:  UADC tournament is December 2 at Siloam Baptist church Registration will be sent our soon.

Guest speaker in club: Next Wednesday October 11th  from 2 -3pm (so, after Debate Assist) all class students are invited to hear a presentation from the American Legion about the Young Orator’s Competition* in our area.

*Young Orators earn some of the most generous college scholarships available to high school students. Over $138,000 in scholarships can be awarded each year. The overall national contest winner gets an $18,000 scholarship. Second place takes home $16,000, and third gets $14,000. Each department (state) winner who is certified into and participates in the National Contest’s first round receives a $1,500 scholarship. Those who advance past the first round receive an additional $1,500 scholarship. The American Legion’s National Organization awards the scholarships, which can be used at any college or university in the United States.