Week 6 homework: September 20th

Congrats on getting that first rough draft of your 1AC done! I know it is overwhelming– the start of something always is– but if you guys keep at it, I know that those cases will finish flushing themselves out over the next couple of weeks!

(Those of you who are behind, due to missing class, starting late, etc., do your best to pick up the pace here. We don’t want to leave you 1AC-less!)

Here is the homework for this week:

Hand-in work: Re-submit your case to me with the added improvements. This time, instead of bringing a copy to class, email it to me. I will make comments in the margins and send it back.  (Note: I will be working very hard to get to your 1AC, but those of you who got feedback in class, go ahead and start making changes!  For those of you who haven’t gotten ANY feedback, start making tweaks where you know you need improvement… You should have gotten some idea about that today.  I’ll be doing my best to get you feedback ASAP.)

Reading homework: chapter 6

Review on Classmarker

Review the attached template of what a case should begin to look like and it’s component parts. Make sure those revised cases follow the structure. Also, include the “extras” this week, such as transitions and intros and conclusions.🙂

Have a great week tweaking those cases! 🙂


Homework week 5: September 13

Okay guys, this is going to be a “fire hose” week.  We are going to be working on our cases.  Feel free to work on it in parts and email what you are working on to me if you have any questions or just want me to check on something. 🙂

Here’s the specific homework breakdown:

Observations: Work on Aff case, combining your observations (the stocks) from last week into the Plan-Meet-Need case we learned this week. Don’t worry about writing the intro and conclusion this week.  We’ll do that next time.  I’m looking for Definitions, Harms, Plan, and Advantages. 🙂

Hand-in work: Email a sample case to me that meets all the stock issues and follows the plan-meet-need structure.  Entitle the email “HIGHER ED 1AC, ROUGH DRAFT.”  Print off a copy and BRING IT TO CLASS on Wednesday as well as email it to me.

Here are some resources that might be helpful:

(Note: I went ahead and graded the Reviews, and since the class average is a solid B, I will leave the quiz as-is.)

Week 4 homework: September 6th

Here you go, friends! Sorry for the late post!  I thought it had posted, but apparently not!
(Thanks for the “hello, where’s the homework” emails!)


Take-at-home review: ClassMaster should send you an email, letting you know that the review is available for you. (If you don’t receive one, check your spam/junk folder.) If you still haven’t received a link by Friday, go ahead and log into the cite with your information and you should be able to see the Review ready to go. If not, please let me know.

Observations: Research the resolution as if you were Aff. Find out how people are wanting to reform things right now. (You should find things about tenure, financial/scholarship reform, affirmative action, accreditation, etc.)

Hand-in work: Write down the 3 reforms you researched. Choose the reform you think is the best and tell me how it is 1) topical 2) significant, 3) Inherent, and 4) will solve for the problems. Email me your homework with the subject as WEEK 4: HIGHER ED.

Reading homework: chapter 5


Submit 2 additional correctly-formatted pieces of evidence for BOTH positions– Affirmative and Negative. Label this EXTRA CREDIT: HIGHER ED

Week 3: August 30, 2017

Hi friends!

Thanks so much for your attention!  I know that going over evidence and research is a little tedious, but you did great!  Also, I’ve gotten some great feedback about DebateAssist already!  I’m so excited that so many of you took advantage of this time with club, and don’t forget… send in a piece of evidence to them by Sunday if you want some homework feedback! 🙂

Alrightly, here is the assignment for the week!

Observations: Review the ethics sheet and evidence standards of the NCFCA found here: http://www.rainmakersspeech.com/wp/wp-content/uploads/2015/10/NCFCA-Debate_Ethics_Statement-Appendix_2013.pdf

(Note: this example doesn’t include tags for the evidence, which is a no-no.  It is a great example for citations and quotations, but your homework will need all three parts to be considered evidence: TAG, CITATION, and QUOTATION. Note that the TAG should bold, the citation should be in italics, and parts of the quotation you are going to use should be underlined.)

Hand-in work: Turn in 3 properly formatted pieces of evidence about the current harms found in the status quo and 3 properly formatted pieces of evidence about the harms of changing the SQ (may not copy from any sourcebook).  Email to me with the subject WEEK THREE: HIGHER ED.

Reading homework: chapter 4

Week 2: August 23rd

Hello friends!
It was great seeing you guys today and jumping into logic!  I’m looking forward to bringing some goodies for the winners that we will have with our competition/activity reviewing argumentation next week. 🙂

Alrighty here’s your homework!


  • Take-at-home review (It is live now.  If you haven’t done the survey, do that as well.) This review is closed-notes, closed-book, so study/review a bit before taking it.
  • Observations: find and identify 3 examples of fallacies in a speech, advertisement, articles, online, etc.
  • Hand-in work: Find 3 examples of a fallacy on the internet and copy the web links.  Copy and paste the weblink into your homework email, identify which types of fallacies they are, and describe why you feel it is that type of fallacy. Label your email “Week 2: Higher Ed”
  • Reading homework: chapter 3

Week 1 homework: August 16th

Observations: Before doing your assignment, watch the following series of YouTube links.  It’s a debate round, broken up into several clips.







Hand-in work: answer the following questions and email them to me (either in a Word document or in the email itself).  Put “WEEK ONE: HIGHER ED” in the subject line.

  1. What type of proposition are they arguing? Fact, value, or policy?
  2. Which team had the better…
    • ethos?
    • pathos?
    • logos?
  3. Which team to you feel won the debate and why?

Extra Credit Opp
: Watch this link and tell me how Atticus used all three appeals in his speech to the jury. Give me example statements from his speech.  Title the email “EXTRA CREDIT: HIGHER ED, TKAM.”

It was so nice meeting you all this week!  Looking forward to this semester! 🙂

Back-to-School supplies

Even though you will not need all of these supplies right away (I’ll note when you will need what below), I thought I would go ahead and post the list of supplies our debate class will need, just in case some of you wanted to snag all of them up while you are school shopping. 🙂

You will find that certain items have been hyper-linked to photos/websites that offer the items listed.  Please do not feel like you have to purchase that exact item or from that exact place.  I just wanted to offer a sample of what I am talking about to help you recognize/know what I am looking for.

I’m looking forward to working with everyone this coming semester!

The Policy of Persuasion


  • 3 ring binder for taking notes (any size)
    • loose leaf paper
    • 2 subject dividers (one for notes in class, one for discussion section)
  • pens/pencils of choice
    • 2 pens must be different colors
    • at least one highlighter
  • access to internet/printer
  • your textbook, as mentioned on the Enrollment form