About the teacher: It all started when Stephanielynn Büda decided to get rid of her fear of speaking in front of people and enrolled in her first speech class her senior year in high school …   By the time her senior year was over, she had 2 performance classes and a year of competitive debate under her belt.  She began college majoring in English, but by her sophomore year, she changed her major to Communication with a specialization in Performance Studies.  She graduated with her degree in 2005 from Bob Jones University and decided to continue her education with a Master’s degree in Performance Studies.  As she earned her degree, she worked as a teaching assistant (instructing Fundamentals of Speech) and traveled as an assistant debate coach with BJU’s Intercollegiate debate team. She graduated with her post-grad degree in 2007 and stayed at Bob Jones University as full-time faculty for 3 years, during which she added Performance Studies classes to her teaching portfolio and served as the faculty advisor for the BJU Debate Association. Since 2010, she has taught Public Speaking as an adjunct professor at Greenville Technical College, Limestone College, and Tri-County Tech. Fall 2018 begins her 13th year teaching; currently, Stephanie teaches high school courses in speech and debate (both value and policy) within the homeschool community in Greenville. In addition, she has the privilege of being the coach of the Upstate Area Debate Club in both the speech and debate capacities. Stephanie loves being married to her best friend, Brian, and together they love and teach their kiddos, Ellise Caroline and James Oliver… with Baby #3 coming July 2018.  In her “free time,” Stephanie enjoys tutoring, writing, reading random books in random genres, teaching natural living classes, and doing artsy-type things.

About Charis: In the summer of 2012, Stephanie found herself wanting to find a large umbrella to encompass the communication courses she offered.  When thinking of what she wanted each of her students/communicators to be known for–whether they specialized in public speaking, debate, or storytelling– she could only think of one word: grace.  Charis– the Greek word for “grace”– is ultimately what makes words more than just pieces of a sentence and into something that can shape lives.

Thus CharisCommunications was born– where words mean nothing unless they’re marked by grace.


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